Is your name Caldecott?

If so your ancestors may have lived in Cheshire in the 13th century when Richard de Caldecote was the father of David and Richard. David had a son David whose daughter married Urian de Egerton.
Richard son of Richard had a son William the father of David and Madoc. David released to Ralph de Egerton all his right to a property in Caldecote about 1360. David, son of David mentioned above, became a surety for Urian de Egerton in 1407.
David's son Richard was living in 1460 and was followed by another David living in CaLdecote. The latter had a son Robert, born in 1482 and married to Margert Byrde of Shropshire. On the death of Robert Caldecote he was succeeded by his son Thomas who spelt his name Calcott and who married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Dod of Broxton.
They had three sons, Thomas, Lancelot and Charles. Thomas married twice, his second wife being Jane, daughter of David Dod of Edge. At his death in 1381, Thomas held four messuages and over 100 acres of land in Calcott from Oueen Elizabeth by military service and lands and property in Barton and Farndon. He left a family of five sons and four daughters.
Thomas Caldecott was succeeded by his son Randle who was 30 years of age and who died some six years later. His son Thomas was only eight years of age when his father died. He married Dorothy daughter of John Dod and registered his pedigree at the visitation of the heralds in 1613 when he had five sons living.